Basil M Karatzas

Basil M Karatzas

Basil M Karatzas is the founder and CEO of Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co., a shipping finance advisory firm and ship-brokerage, based in New York.

Basil enjoys well-rounded expertise and ever progressing track-record in the shipping industry having started as husbandry agent in the Port of Houston, Texas, and moving on to project cargo chartering, ship brokerage, vessel valuations and shipping finance. Presently, in his capacity as CEO of the firm, Basil has been leading a team of professionals advising shipowners on financial matters for both restructurings and capital raising in today’s world. Also, besides traditional ship-brokerage services, Basil has been providing market expertise and advisory to institutional investors on maritime matters and deal sourcing and origination of transactions. Basil and the firm have repeatedly represented and concluded transactions with reference name accounts in the maritime, banking, financial and investment industries, including Fortune 100 companies.

Based in the Financial District in Manhattan, New York City, Karatzas Marine Advisors has a worldwide footprint of clients, primarily in the USA, UK, Greece, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Basil is frequent contributor of articles in the trade press, speaker at trade conferences, blogger, and member of several professional associations.

Basil holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biology, and MBA in Finance, International Business and Entrepreneurship from Rice University, in Houston, TX.

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